Kids & Adults Birthday Party
A birthday is always party time event. Why not celebrate by hiring a limo bus?
Throw a party for up to 14 intimate guests in the comfort and luxury style with a party like limo bus and have some complimentary drink from the house selection or have a list and for extra we can get whatever you want of cocktail in the bus and in the club. Riding in a limo bus is also a way of spending quality time.

Restaurants of choice

Jacks Steakhouse (530)-241-9705

1743 California Street Redding,CA  www.jacksgrillredding.com

Clearie's Lounge  (530) 241-4535

1325 Eureka Way, Redding, CA 96001



  Always a fun time for family friends Holiday parties so bring the kids umbrella and some extra dollars Candy Cane Ln has a donation box for Wings of Angels and organization that help kids and their diseases. Also don't forget the Old Barn Richard and the bell ringers are out every night taking donations giving candy canes away and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas   

Complimentary Drinks adults and kids

Hours and Pricing

5pm-7pm or 8pm-10pm

Mon- Sun Only $336

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Types of Bachelor Party Limos & Bus Rentals Near Me
There are different kinds of rentals we offer for hire. Among coaches, we have models like motor coaches, shuttle buses, charter buses or passenger party buses for hire. These vary as per the number of passengers they can accommodate. You can hire as per the number of people traveling in your group. This can vary from 14 to 50. For the bachelor party buses, we have different coaches with amenities aboard.

Airport Transportation
 You will be able to start your trip as soon as we arrive at the airport of your choice.
The  limo-bus contains  14 comfortable seating, a stereo system,TV and DVD and also complimentary drinks Limo-buses typically have storage for luggage. Our fleet includes a secondary SUV which doubles as a luggage vehicle. When our regular Limousine's are unavailable try our limo-buses they are in a class by their own in luxury transportation services, This bus is great for everything airport, weddings, or large group events shuttle rides as well as special occasions like executive travel.

Rent a Limo for Prom
The most awaited night for your kids is probably the longest night of your life. Before you can blink an eye, prom season sneaks up on you, and it’s time to book a limo for the kids. Prom night is one of those times when you can rely on your kids to go straight to the dance and come right back home, because that’s exactly what Executive Limo Bus Services will promise you when you make a reservation with us.You can count on our professional LIMO RENTAL SERVICE to make sure your kids stay safe while they’re having a great time.Prom Limo Rental Company However, before you get started, put together a mental checklist for the things you should ask your limo rental company and let your kids know about as well. For instance, alcohol consumption on prom night is strictly not allowed. And be sure to let us know exactly what time you want your kids back home, and we’ll deliver.